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Latest news – May 16, 2024

50 students now registered for the 2024 edition of the worlds greatest robotics summer school




Course description




Robotics startup culture in Odense

Each year, we are inviting 50 elite robotic students from around the world to participate in this exclusive, life changing international Summer School at University of Southern Denmark.

The unique program has a double focus:

  • Advanced technologies for designing robotic systems for specific applications
  • Entrepreneurship in robotics

In 2024, the best and brightest students from 5 world-leading robotics hubs will be in Odense, Denmark, from 6 August – 23 August to expand their international outlook and build a valuable international network of elite students from prestigious universities around the world.

25 nationalities by 2024 from 5 continents…

… and 17 universities

Denmark is a world leader in collaborative robots

Denmark’s robotics and automation industry has grown significantly in recent years and is now home to global market leaders and high-growth start-ups such as Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots and Blue Ocean Robotics. Currently 100+ robotics companies are centered in the hub surrounding the University of Southern Denmark and the city of Odense and are the result of nearly 30 years of dedicated research.

Denmark’s global stronghold is shaped by its leading role within collaborative robots, mobile robots, food automation and professional service robots. With many high-growth, innovative startups, Denmark is internationally renowned for developing and commercialising new technologies.

Find more information about the Danish robotics industry here: Odense Robotics

Why should you attend the Summer School

You will learn how to design a robotic system for a given task and will gain first-hand experience with building robotics systems for real applications.

You will obtain deep knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies such as modelling, digital twins and simulation, computer vision, force based control and human-robot interaction.

You will be taught in world class laboratories at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark.

You will be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and meet icons of the danish robotics ecosystem.

You will learn why and how starting your own robotics business can be very rewarding.

You will visit the renowned Odense robotics startup hub and visit world leading companies.

You will expand your international network to elite students from prestigious universities around the world.

You will be staying centrally in the city of Odense at City Hotel allowing you to explore the fairytale town of Odense – the birthplace of writer Hans Christian Andersen and home to cobble stones, candy-colored cottages and a sprawling student life.

You will be taken on trips around Denmark to explore the country and visit other universities with world class robotics laboratories.

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What will you learn

The Summer School focuses on collaborative industrial robots with special focus on advanced algorithms for mobile robots and robot manipulators, where Denmark has a special stronghold.

The overall goal is to enable the participants to design a robotic system for a given task. There will be a focus on industrial manufacturing tasks, but also tasks within service robotics and robotics for medical applications. Within each topic, participants are given exercises aimed at of achieving hands-on experience with the technology.

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Robotics startup culture in Odense

Alongside the curricular activities the program will have a hands-on approach on how to build your own robotics startup. In stead of teaching entrepreneurship on a theoretical level, we rather want to show you how you can succeed in transforming your great tech idea/work to a successful business. And what better place to do that than in Odense? The area counts 100+ robotics companies with 3,900 employees. The cluster is made up of many young companies and startups. Close to 70% of companies have been established since 2010 and almost 60% of companies have fewer than 10 employees. More than EUR 860 million has been invested in Odense-based robotic companies since 2015. Some of the lecturers will show you how to spin out companies from university, you’ll meet startups on the brink of commercial success. And who knows, you might just meet with some of the recent millionaires in Odense that made it within robotics. And even if you don’t run in to one of them, we’ll make sure you’ll leave the Summer School with lots of inspiration on how to start your own business.

World renowned lecturers

You will be taught by some of the world’s leading scientists. The Summer School has been developed under the auspices of Professor Henrik Gordon Petersen, who is Head of Unit at The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute and SDU Robotics and will be taught by the leading Danish scientist from University of Southern Denmark, DTU and AAU.

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Join exciting activities and trips

Summer School should also be fun, right? It is after all during the summer holidays. The Summer School will allow you to experience the best of Denmark and get a glimpse of our rich culture, history and most impressive landmarks.

You will visits other parts of Denmark and other leading Danish universities during the first three days of the Summer School. Trips will include sightseeing in Odense, the Islands of Funen and Copenhagen. The excursions will include visits to the robotics research labs at Novo Nordisk, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and IT University of Copenhagen (ITU).

Denmark is a small country with a population of approximately 5.5 million. Denmark is a kingdom of thriving cities and idyllic landscapes; an innovative society with a green lifestyle. It is practically an island nation, as it consists of 406 islands (although only about 70 are populated). Even the capital Copenhagen is situated on an island. Nowhere in Denmark is more than 50 km from the sea. And just a few kilometres from Denmark’s major cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen you find idyllic villages and pristine woodlands and lakes.

SDU is located in the city of Odense. Odense is a cultural and historical city with a long history. Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense, and his lively imagination continues to inspire the city. In Odense you can go walking in H.C. Andersen’s footsteps through the historic district and sense the life of the city 200 years ago.

Visit Denmark

Visit Odense

Target group

The Summer School targets top performing senior students from the leading Danish universities and UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, MIT, Northeastern University, Seoul National University (SNU), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), The Technical University of Munich (TUM) and IIT Kanpur.

50 students will attend the Summer School each year. 25 Danish students and 25 international students.

The participating students will become part of an exclusive network of elite students from the leading collaborative robot hubs around the world.


The Summer School is fully funded by The Novo Nordisk Foundation and Odense Municipality. Tuition, airfare and accommodation for the international students from the target universities will be covered by the sponsors.

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Odense Municipality

Life in Denmark

The Danes are known to consistently be ranked as the happiest people on the planet. A cornerstone in the Danish welfare system are free and equal rights to benefits such as healthcare and education for all citizens. The strong welfare state ensures economic equality in society and virtually no corruption and low crime rates.

Free education for all is a key priority in Denmark in order to ensure growth, welfare and competitiveness. Combining high academic standards with innovative learning approaches, Danish institutions are preparing their students to play an active role in today’s globalised knowledge-based world.

If a good work-life balance is important to you, you should really consider coming to Denmark to study and work, because Denmark has one of the best work-life balances in the world!

A standard working week consists of 37 hours. Flexible working hours are common, since the majority of both men and women work.

Parents have the right to 52 weeks leave with maternity subsistence allowance, of which 36 weeks can be divided between the mother and the father according to individual wishes.

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