Useful info

The Summer School takes place each year in August at the University of Southern Denmark in the city of Odense with support from The Novo Nordisk Foundation and Odense Municipality.

In 2024 the Summer School will take place from 6 August – 23 August. All teaching will be in-person and in English.

The Summer School gives the participants five ECTS-credits (full course load at a Danish university is 30 ECTS credits per semester).

Hi! My name is Morten, and I am organizing the extracurricular activities, as well as the day to day planning.

Long story short – I am your “ticket” to coffee and food – your contact person for any and all questions of non-academic nature 😉

On this page, I will try to answer all the questions, I myself would have, if I were attending a summer school in a foreign country.

The official programs (Academic and Extracurricular) are updated regularly here. Please remember this link, and check it daily…!

After reading this page, if there’s anything that is not clear, please feel free to contact me, either by email or phone +4593507313. Also, make sure to take this opportunity to extend your network, and connect with me on LinkedIn

Do it now! 😉

Hi! My name is Anne-Marie, and I am Morten’s trusted Co-Pilot.

Speaking about flying. One of my core responsibilities is to make travel arrangements for all the international students.

You will be seeing a lot of me during the Summer School as I will be handling a lot of the day-to-day activities, making sure that you have an unforgettable stay in Denmark.

Please feel free to contact me, by email. Also, make sure to take this opportunity to extend your network, and connect with me on LinkedIn

International travels

All students eligible for international travel, mainly flights, will be contacted during the month of June, and the tickets will be booked by SDU. We will try to accommodate requests to travel at different dates than the beginning and end of the summer school and to and from a different airport than CPH (Copenhagen).


It is the responsibility of the students to check with the local Danish Embassy if he/she needs a visa to Denmark. The students need to pay for the VISA themselves.

The enrollment letter from SDU is sufficient as invitation. It is not necessary to have an online invitation letter. Just add the letter of enrollment in your VISA application.

Travel from Copenhagen Airport to Odense

The easiest way is to take the train. The national train service is called DSB. Apart from their website they also have an app.

If you book in advance you may be able to get 75% discount with an “Orange ticket” for a fixed departure. However, this type of ticket is not changeable or refundable, so if you are delayed, your “Orange ticket” is lost. You can also buy an “Orange Fri” ticket (50% discount) which can be refunded or changed at the latest 30 minutes before departure.

A regular ticket may be bought at the airport, and can be changed, if  booked in advance.

There are several options each hour. The options present themselves, when you enter your journey from “CPH Lufthavn” -> “Odense St.” in the DSB APP. If you take a train on min xx:26, you won’t have to change at Copenhagen Central Station.

However don’t worry about a change at Copenhagen Central. The DSB-personal are friendly and most Danes speak English just fine, so don’t hesitate to ask for help 😊


You will be staying at City Hotel Nattergalen, Hans Mules Gade 5, DK5000 Odense C, less than 500m from “Odense St.” main train station

Your accommodation period is from Tuesday, August 6th to Saturday, August 24th 2024 in a shared double room, unless you have requested a single room, then you filled out the form above.

IF you want to upgrade to single room the price is app. 1300 EURO for the 18 nights, and you will pay directly to the hotel for the difference.

You may also make your own extended reservation outside this period.


The hotel offers a limited laundry service for app 8 euro pr. wash/dry. Talk to the reception if you have laundry needs.

You may also expand your Danish vocabulary with the word “Møntvask” (laundromat). They are located all over town, and Google is your friend 😉. The laundromat closest to the hotel is “Odense Møntvask” (Address: Rødegårdsvej 84 B 5000 Odense C.). You can pay by credit card.

Dress code

There is no formal dress code for the Summer School.

Dress sensibly and according to the Danish weather, meaning always carry an umbrella and a summer jacket.


1 Danish Krone = 0,13 EURO.
Most major credit cards are accepted in most places, including the DSB APP, and vending machines at the stations.

Shopping & Entertainment

We will guide you when you arrive.

Our program is very packed, however, you do have two Saturdays at your disposal, namely Saturday, August 10th and Saturday, August 17th.

Small dedicated shops are open from 10:00-16:00 on Saturdays, and most grocery stores are open until late.

The local Netto, just up the street from the hotel is open from 07:00 to 23:00, all week, and the next one down the street on Benedikts Gade is open 06:00-24:00, including Sundays.

How to get to SDU Campus

The Tram leaves from ODEON and says “Hjallelse St.” on the front, and you need to get off at “SDU University”

All under 26 years old can travel for 10 DKK (less than 1,5 euro), over 26, the cost is 15 DKK. Buy your ticket through the following link, or scan the QR code on the tram station.

Please enter yout credit card details beforehand, so we will not all be waiting for you on the first day 😉


You can rent bikes in Odense

Donkey Republic


Donkey Republic is on-the-spot rental, Swapfiets is for at least a month, for app 45 EURO, but then you have “your own” bike. Please note that pick up times may be restrictive.

Have a look at it and find the best solution for you.


You can use your Lime or VOI account for scooters around town. Please note, that for scooters, helmets are mandatory, and you WILL be fined 200 EURO if the police stops you without one. Chances are, that they have better things to do, but if you are caught in a traffic raid, they will not fall for the “I’m a foreigner” trick 😉

First day on campus, Aug. 8th

On the first day of teaching – Thursday, August 8th, we will take the tram together leaving from outside the hotel at 07:30 sharp.

All under 26 years old can travel for 10 DKK (less than 1,5 euro), over 26, the cost is 15 DKK. Buy your ticket through the following link, or scan the QR code on the tram station.

Please enter your credit card details beforehand, so we will not all be waiting for you on the first day 😉

On Campus, we will give you a quick tour (show you where the coffee maker is) before the teaching starts.


There are 50 participants from 15 countries in the summer school – so the international potential is almost limitless.

Safety and security

Denmark and Odense is relatively safe to walk around in, even at night. You should of course always be on the alert for pickpockets at the train station and crowed places.


A Danish saying goes: “Everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it!” 😉 The Danish summer is anything from 15 dg C, and scattered showers to 35 dg C and blazing sun…

Realizing that most of you come for much warmer climates, “blazing sun” should be taken with a grain of salt 😉

Dress accordingly, and don’t try to predict the weather from the morning – it has a life of its own 😉

The sensible thing is to pack shorts and sandals, but also a sweater or summer jacket. And always have a small umbrella in your bag…

You can see the national Werther forecast 7-10 days ahead on DMI.

Pollution levels (or lack thereof)

Denmark has some of the cleanest air in the World, considering population density.

The beaches are clean, and even in Copenhagen, swimming in the harbor is completely safe, with “harbor baths” in strategic locations – you will get to see this, and maybe even experience it – bring a swim suit 😉

In Denmark, the water can be drunk directly from the tab anywhere. Be sustainable – do so 😉

Being on time

In Denmark, teaching times, departure times and so on, should be taken literally.

Please respect your professors, your fellow students and the organizers (that is me 😉), by being on time – all the time…

Long story short – You snooze you loose 😉

If you have any questions, please let us know.

We are looking forward to seeing you 😊


Morten & Anne-Marie