Failure analysis (physical and simulation)

Case description

In Novo’s production, mobile platforms play an increasingly important role in transporting materials between the different stations and areas in a flexible and automated manner. However, if transports fail due to materials falling off, the operators often just reduce the payload to avoid the failure without analyzing the circumstances more systematically.

Transport scenario with mobile platforms


Experiment with a physical mobile platform to generate situations in materials may fall off. Then develop a detailed dynamic simulation that can reproduce the failure. Utilize the simulation to develop strategies to avoid the failure without reducing the payload and test with the physical platform. (Leon) 

To get the team started, consider the following: 

  • Which are the relevant parameters leading to the failure (e.g. material mass and COG)? 

Keywords: Mobile robots, dynamic simulation, digital twin 

Tools, methods and materials

The challenge can be addressed with any 3D simulation tool allowing for detailed dynamic simulation. Regarding the methods, the team needs to closely model the situation in simulation and identify the relevant parameters from specifications, measurements, or estimates. The selection of tools and methods is left to the team.

From SDU, the team will receive access to a mobile platform and boxes for the physical experiments, as well as 3D CAD data and specification sheets for the mobile platform. In addition, Novo will be available to discuss details of the challenge along the way.


Milad Jami


Milad Jami


Head of PS Robotics Innovation Lab
Robotics & Operational Technology