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Introduction to robotics. Digital twins and simulation for robotic systems

Sunday, 6 August 2023

Info updated 31.07.2023

đź“ŤSDU, Moseskovvej 65, DK5230 Odense M, room U163

On the first day of teaching – Sunday August 6th, we will take the tram together leaving from outside the hotel at 07:30 sharp.
Download the FynBus APP and buy your ticket before departure – preferably in groups of 3 or more to get the half price discount
On Campus, I will give you a quick tour (show you where the coffee maker is) before the teaching starts.

Lecturers & Schedule

Henrik Gordon Petersen (HP)

Kasper Støy (KS)

Christian Schlette (CS)

08:30 – Welcome and Organizational matters (HP) 

08:45 – Lecture 1 “Introduction to Robotics” (KS) 

10:15 – Lecture 2 “Introduction to Digital Twins” (CS)

Roots in Industry 4.0 

Definition(s) of DTs 

Examples of DTs 

11:30 – Lunch break 

12:30 – Lecture 2 “Formalizing Digital Twins” (CS)

System modelling with SysML 

Systematic description of DTs 

13:30 – Lecture 3 “Combining 3D simulation with Digital Twins” (CS)

Types of simulation 

Methods in 3D modelling 

Methods in 3D simulation 

Service-oriented architecture for Digital Twins 

14:30 – Exercise 1 “Scene composition in VEROSIM”  

Quick tour in the GUI 

Setting up a virtual scene 

15:00 – Coffee break 

15:30 – Exercise 2 “Building Digital Twins for robotic systems”

Introducing a UR5 

Programming UR5 motions with visual programming 

Simulation and link to physical robot 

16:30 – Exercise 3 “Applying Digital Twins for robotic systems”

Introducing sampling-based motion planning 

17:00 – Exercise 4 “Connecting to Python”

Extending DTs with Python programs 

17:30 – End of the day